Tearing Down Walls

There has been a revolution back to the olden days lately when it comes to the living area of homes, so tearing down walls has become part of many modern renovations. Combining the kitchen, dining room, and the main living area is now seen as a bonus of space. For those unaware of past home trends, having one large area like this used to be done in smaller homes to make them seem larger. It is a trend that has come back because it affords people sight lines to their children, and it offers an easier way to entertain guests.

The design of many homes in recent decades has been to make each room separate with its own function, but that does not work for busy people today. They see the disadvantages of being isolated from their family and friends, and they envision a large space where everyone can be together. Taking down the walls between rooms is easy, but they will need support built back into the structure unless living with a beautiful view of the sky is part of the plan.

Adding support structures where the walls once were generally requires some engineering knowledge, so those doing their own work might consider a consultation. A professional can tell them what size and length their beam needs to be to keep the ceiling from collapsing, and they can still do most of the work on their own. It will save them time and money to consult a professional, and most communities have strict building codes not understood by those working on their own homes.

Combining several rooms can make a home feel larger, so ripping out a few walls might be the best way to remodel the main areas of the house. For those who are not quite sure where they will need to put in beams or other supports, hiring an engineer is a step in the right direction.