Ripping Out Old Carpeting

There was a time a few decades ago when people flocked to buy carpeting, but many modern homeowners want hardwood floors. Ripping out old carpeting might look easy on television, but that is the only part of it that might not be difficult. It can be one of the dirtiest jobs around if the carpeting has been there for decades, so being prepared with masks and gloves is a must.

After the carpeting is gone, getting rid of the padding is the next step. Some of this will come up easy, but it can be glued to the floor. There are plenty of online solutions, but not all of them are realistic. Finding sites with good advice is best will take a bit of searching, and going to an established site might be a good way to discover what will get rid of it without damaging the floor underneath.

Nails and holes are often an issue when it comes to revealing older floors, but finding only sub-flooring can also occur. It can be a huge disappointment for those who believed they would find a spectacular sight when they ripped out the carpet, but there are remedies. Painting sub-flooring can be an inexpensive way to create beauty with little cost, and plugging holes can be done with little investment. Removing nails will take time and effort, but it will save bare feet as the work progresses.

Many older homes do have wood flooring, but it is not necessarily hardwood. Pine is one of the least expensive woods used in building homes, and there are plenty of beautiful floors that have been made with it. While there is nothing wrong with pine, it is not going to stand up to traffic as well as oak or ash. True hardwoods are expensive, so it will pay to ensure a good sealer is applied to keep them beautiful.